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Thursday, December 2, 2010

grounding cemetary

the morning is like cold freedom fresh from the freezer, gasping in little circles around the yard. i stare into the dark and imagine the light that is surely coming. what brave creatures we standing alone on this rock hurtling to certain doom, lost in space and time, adrift for endless centuries with no direction home. what difference here or there good ar bad light or dark, all things are here and there is nowhere else to go. the best seat is the ground your standing on and the last thing you will see is the sky turning away into the west. the body is just the grounding rod stuck into this density to hold the spirit still while the process transforms the awareness. settles into the flesh, connects to the lowest vibrational level and begins to hit the harmonics of existence in the physical plane. the eruption of the heart and the shattering of the soul coalesce into living without freedom, accepting the limitations of the flesh and losing the ability to see beyond this atmosphere, beyond this earthly light. all things left behind are still here and every thing left undone still remains. i sample all there is and what is left is what has always been. nothing gained nothing lost, the system is closed and only the chemical structures change. the past has been forever, the future unending, this moment infinite, time measures infinity unending.

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