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Saturday, February 26, 2011

me almighty

my devilish pride returns and the day is just started, i see something and i am proud, i feel something and it is mine. what it is or where it comes from is of little importance for it is the i that aquires and hoards for eternity. what worm of desire is left uncoiled or spore of avarice loosed to the wind. i abounds and envelopes all it can imagine, there is no end to vanity.not only mine but my childrens to their last generation and all that came before me. let this mountain of manifest insanitynever end. for what purpose infinity but mine and all i can require.the flakes of snow my merest whims the oceans of unending water but tears of my longing for more.the very space of the stars the room for my dreams, what passionless existence this would be without my owning everything and making more while i digest what ive already taken. each sweetness my compassion each meanness my irritation, each ecstacy my anticipation of more that has yet to be.

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