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Monday, March 28, 2011

becoming that

i am becoming that, the unknowable, the immaterial, unmanifested nature of being. where we all connect. in the process my life is being shredded and burned. Its all beyond recognition. from last year to this i dont know who that person was, or who is taking his place. when i wake in my meditation rooom, the energy so strong i feel the pulse of the universe in every atom of my being, expanding every bit of awareness into unbelievable sensations of bliss.LOVE HERE NOW, every instant filled with the sensation of creation, the elixir of being distilled from the moments of love expanded to the timelessness of awareness, brought into the physical from the love of the divine. this is the magic we experience that has no name. can there be reality that is not this? the truth is here in this moment complete and unchanging forever accessible and open, hidden by our thoughts and distractions. this is it. i feel the collapse and the explosion of the shell of thought and circumstancve that we calll the self.the one that has a place and a moment of existence and is lost immediately when truth intersects awareness. i awaken and the world is gone. the ocean of love revolves in the field of awareness swirling the divine melting. one light shines and all is that brilliance shining from every pore of my being wrapped in the knowledge of the unspeakable.i am living and beyond life,beyond the worry of death or its patient resurrections. flight sings and the eternities whisper by untouched. slipping within an emptiness filled beyond understanding,i cascade through the music of the dancing universes,what can be, is and all else becomes realized through loves surrender.

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