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Saturday, April 23, 2011

home forever

a force more deeply felt is the strongest of them all. i experience my divine purpose and my divine surrender. I cannot do it myself. I realized i have run far enough, alone and willful and it is time to realize my true responsibility. this life is set to the one intention the divine purpose of manifesting the being in human form in the transformed state of physical reality. this is definite and cannot be avoided. it begins now.the work is already in motion, the action, the wave, the ocean we call the sea of being, we all share and are forever changed by each being seeking the truth and realizing its own validity. we are that universally and individually. now it is time to do that which will propagate its coming. the realization that all is done by the divine for the divine can mean only that all we need to do is to move into alignment with that and all is done for you. that is where i have come and will stay. what is life but doing that which makes the spirit true to itself, the heart in perfect alignment with all that it can hold. i am forever reborn and resurrected as befits this Easter morning in only a few minutes. Here is my declaration, this world shall be moved into alignment with the transformative energy of love, that is the intention that shall not change.

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