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Sunday, April 24, 2011

manifest divine

mother was not interested in writing long books but they were written for her. she had but one message for her children: You are the manifest divinity, act accordingly.
What was simply present for her was the truly divine nature of every being on the planet. there are no undivine natures. Everything is already the divine, we are just at different degrees of being aware and accepting that. the only thing that can be done for the divine is to surrender to that nature, become part of the Divine's will consciously. now we are all unconscious of this, and that is what brings misery, we think we are not doing the right thing or getting what we want but that is because we think we are not the divine, that we are doing this and thinking that, but in reality all of our lives are part of the divine will. we have the freedom of choice, to be or not to be conscious of the true reality. we can not accept this and then think that the world is not in alignment with us, or we can become that which is our truth and see that everything bows to the supreme. All questions can be answered thus, does what you are asking take you towards the divine aspiration you feel within or does it move you towards some human desire. investigate your intention and your actions for all comes from the divine but when we choose to interpret what happens as being our own action, then we are separated from the knowledge of the truth, that we are the divine and all action is the force of the divine manifest in our lives.

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