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Friday, July 1, 2011

pre holiday living

drove this morning early to the washoe valley house of my brother the enlightened being to see my other brother, the enlightened being also just fresh from india and the mountain. 5am start time ,7 hours in the pre holiday traffic up the 99 to the 80 and down the 395 to arrive at noon at the little house that backs up to the BLM land. the air is clear the eastern sierras across the lake and valley still covered in snow. its beautiful. i hug george, down to a trim 180 and siddhartha also at 180 and i a paltry 175 we are all in our high school trim. george is clear eyed and clear minded, still the joker but only joking. i help siddhartha with a quick panelling of his loft for the privacy of the 2 women coming tomorrow and he is quick and busy with the power tools. we run to costco and best buy and radio shack to get mattresses sheets and bed frames and i run around getting george new headphones and wires and movies as well as vegetables cheese and bread for dinner.we stop at starbucks on the way back and siddhartha discusses my state and future with me. its definitely time to make the cut, stop the madness or start the insanity depending on how you look at it. i am clear as he is that the time is now, pull the plug on the world.the organization can support me. i can sell the house and cars and say bye to the family and job and take over the open position as resident dharma bum, most recently occupied by george, now promoted to second resident enlightened bum. things are looking up for unemployment. We quickly drive to the house and finish the panelling before its time for evening meditation, 90 minutes of no-self under the 16 foot dome. the 9pm i finally make dinner for george and me. artichokes asparagus, everything seeded french bread and bi color corn. i make a quick mustard and oil seasoned dip and everything is delicious. the day is done and i take my evening shower, move into the tiny trailer in the side yard and sit to catch up on myself, suddenly untired and happy. life is good in loving doses...

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