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Sunday, July 17, 2011

spend love

when ending your world, notice how the little things become so important. the small conversations, peoples comments, childrens love, although thats far from being small. i'm enlightened by their love everyones love. by myself, i am what i am, it is through my service to others that i experience meaning or purpose. left alone, i am that and have nothing else to do. its in the realization of anothers divinity i become activated, purposful. small things, small moments, uniquely mine shared remembered bring the light shining, the love pouring and nothing i do is even realized just performed in service and surrender. i become that without hesitation, the earth is moved spadeful by spadeful each a small portion of the ananda and joy i contain, each the movement of my being to its truest expression. love of my simran, the love of my brothers for which i feel perfect union, in whom i see only the light and beyond. patience is unknown only the doing of each small task, necessary action, to bring my soul forward in theirs. that is the pathless path, the gateless gate, the doing that yeilds no action. in each moment i live unknowing who this is but being only that motion, the drift and swell of every planetary force, each infinite feeling, unknown but to that which i am become.

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