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Saturday, July 2, 2011

saturday wanders

the day at 5:30, chilly and sitting in a blanket in the dome for morning meditation. the four of us go under and i stay submerge for almost 80 minutes. coming up only to reconnect here and now. i simply arrive, no broken sequences. after a usual breakfast without peanut butter darn, we set out on a hike in the hills under hot sun but still cool air. we wander over steep terrain for 2 and a half hours covering 6 or seven miles. i feel worn out but happy.lunch is bread and cheese ad then work all afternoon finishing the two bed dormer in the loft. i make a quick run to the grocery to get a few snacks and veggies and hurry back in time to go to see super 8. the usual theatrics ensue and we are all pleased by the time the ending credits role. night is corn and artichokes and asparagus with sourdough bread. yum, then a house fire a mile away lights up the night sky and we walk two miles to watch the firemen clean up the mess. its a warm night and soft and the quiet is filled with crickets.

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