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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

places you inhabit

the times when the rock is your pillow and the weight of the world your blanket, the stars come out and laugh their merry way across the sky and you cannot budge from your earthly prison. all things end up in the lowest place you inhabit, the bottom of your dwelling consciousness, there the least of us takes root and stubbornly refuses to let go, we feel stuck to this place this muddy hole filled with our failures, even our successes are beneath us now. there is only the grace that can extricate our thinking, our feeling our aspiration from the habit of this place we find ourselves in again. why am i here, after all i have been through and all the heights i have scaled. is there no end to this? its never ending, and every low is the next high and every contraction just builds our strength for the next expansion. its like exercise, you need it to feel better but sometimes it doesn't feel good to be trudging that extra mile or getting up early or setting out after a hard day, but when its over, the body feels wonderful, the endorphins come and the reward is there. so remember the next time you're down, and stuck and upset, this is just the beginning of the workout, the most contracted moment, don't dwell on it, move on go to the next level and feel the freedom of the energy you can bring to your life.

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