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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

dream to be love

this is not a different day, same stuff, its all new all the time. when you go beyond mind, beyond desire, the truth is clear. the purpose is written on every cloud and rock, i hear it in the breeze and the birds song. the light carries the warmth of love, the sky fills with joy, boundless and immediate. sleep on pillows floating, transported to worlds beyond the senses. all is the order and power of the manifest consciousness, the pure awareness and truth of existence, the revelation of the unmanifest transmitted through Mothers divine being. we are hers to the infinitesimal forces binding our atoms to this form. let nothing be unrealized, we are the incomplete awareness, returning to the well of being to become drenched in the reality of existence. its is not understanding, but inner knowing that holds our fulfillment of purpose. the overwhelming truth is we are nothing, we are everything and we are becoming that which has no name or form yet exists everywhere without time. the finite life is just the entry point, the doorway waiting to be crossed and lost and forgotten in the expansion of our awareness. we are the drops of water falling from the sky, returning to the unending ocean of being. that which was born and waiting to end is now that which is infinite, without beginning or end, pure awareness and unending manifestation of the unmanifest source. the time to let go is now, the universe trembles at the dream of your liberation. the end of all suffering is the surrender of your fear, your separation, your weakness. beyond self is truth, beyond truth is manifesting divine consciousness. in each of us is the love that supports and protects us when we let go of the weight that holds us down and limits our awareness.Love is the supreme force of the universe that creates the beauty and bliss in every moment of divine creation, the power of awareness, the manifestation of its purpose and the joy of being divinely alive. follow your heart to the source of love, follow the love you know is there, bring it into your heart.

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