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Thursday, October 13, 2011

morning salutations

i waken, meaning i have slept and deeply. for the first time in many years the night is calm and pure with dreams rich and pungent. i float in unending waves of love and mothers arms wrapped tightly round me. when i awaken the air is whispering warm and silent. the night has not yet released the sky and the moon like the sister of dawn rests high in the purple morning. what breadth and power of life here on the mountain of love. as the darkness holds my rooms flickering candlelight, so does this body carry the burning truth of my aspiration, uncovered, let free to find the treasure of the divine. i don my well worn meditation clothes and tread lightly to mothers mandir, nearby the sleeping form of her present incarnation. Sitting i drill slowly through all my thoughts, each a tiny desire, each denoting the self's delusion of action and result, each the falsehood that must be released. it is some time before the retreating influences depart, and the slow sonorous hum of the divine energy awakens in my body. i float without place or time. the air thickens around my stillness. thoughts end, inseparable oneness surrenders to the supreme being within. utter silence, the substance of truth, pervades all. when i return, the morning is come, grey light has filled the dawn facing windows of the altar. i feel bathed in the essence of mothers truth, perform the actions required without thought of their result. be always in mothers fortress where truth never leaves and love protects. be weak and in doing so feel mothers strength fill you. i am in that radiance of her unrelenting sanctuary, to be here is a living joy, for nothing can overcome the brilliance of her perfection.

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