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Thursday, October 13, 2011

unexperienced suffering

what love awaits when suffering ends
this moment there is truth, all else is but shadows fading

I feel as though my ego is protecting me from fully experiencing the suffering

the self wraps around the trembling being within, preserving its fragile connection. what is it in you that wants to be dead?

the false self


the truth permits no lies
what is coming is absolute and without reservation
all half measures and resistance are the inevitable failure of the untruth to survive
you already know your journeys end, there is no doubt that this life is over
do exactly what you are prompted to
let nothing else be your guide

Not the lie that keeps the pain in check, that stops the true feelings from being experienced
for the true seekers, the sattwa acts as the barrier to the truth, the complacency of static achievement
in truth it is the rajas that brings forth the lie and the pain
i have been experiencing tremendous ananda since the weekend, all my neutrality and separation have left me

i'm constantly experiencing this pain of separation
being around a certain person takes away this pain
so is the right action to avoid this person?

the right action is to completely surrender to that which is before you. do exactly as that requires and those actions will create the circumstances needed for your liberation.
plunge into the moment without regard for the consequences
no one can say what is right
only what is

where you feel the most love the most pull, that is your signal
but go fully, embrace it and know the mother is waiting for your surrender
let go your fear and weakness and offer that to her
release your sense of ego, that which wants to always be correct or safe or controlling, be weak and needy be brutally honest
we are all perverted and twisted by the lies
don't cling to their seeming rightness

instead be fully vulnerable to what is the truth that hides in you
the small the cowardly the weaknesses
let them come forward and see the light of awareness dispel all
they are the tools of the ego that work hidden and without revelation
releasing the hidden forces that compel our unconscious resistance, allows them to be overcome and the shield to drop

then the true light shatters all illusions
be the broken warrior, defeated by his own army of untruths
in defeat, there is the only path to freedom

i am in the very realm of wonder and unsanctioned joy to be here. my words come from some place unbidden, but i feel what is meant to be spoken is what i am writing. let your own heart guide you, all of us are here for you when you feel the pull to connect to us.

i love you my brother in flight
let the turkey vultures eat your flesh
it is their purpose and your divine truth to let even that go in this life

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