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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

fireplace season

rain today, snow coming tomorrow. it seems like snow was just here, july 15th, august september, october just begun and we have snow again, the end of seasons is what it feels like, continual fall and winter with a brief spring and summer, here at 5500 ft, the sky is tranquil with the light rain spreading like a veil over the woodpile. i scrambled this morning before dawn to bring a weeks supply into the garage and then clumsily cover the rain slicked sprawling piles with a giant costco tarp. i feel the years on me as i clamber across the wet and unstacked wood trying to spread out the tarp around bushes and trees and teetering walls of chopped timber. my struggles earn me a few bruises and scrapes but no bleeding and for that i'm thankful. in fact i feel radiant and relaxed having accomplished even that much in my condition and i set down with a warm cup of morning coffee and enjoy the tranquil start of our long fireplace season.

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