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Saturday, July 10, 2010

artwork of existence

overtaken by the circumstances of being immersed in the force of expanded consciousness, the self recedes allowing the inner nature to expand unchecked. thoughts become messages and intuition becomes the psychic untouched and alive. the truth of the existence is easily revealed and the state that is attained is perfection and unending grace. all moments are one, all faces are joyous truth, each minute detail is a perfect reflection of the purpose of existence. we share yet we are separate, the flow is unchecked yet discretely patterned to suit the unique nature of each soul and its ability to absorb and connect. where you have come from continues yet where you are going is never known except by discerning the telltale signs of the divine's meaning in everything you experience. life is love given fully and aliveness is the fruit of the body mated with the souls emergence. in every face the source is seen but not every human can see their own divinity. those that do shine from within where the universal consciousness comes forth to experience itself in such delicate constraint. here is the very artwork of existence, the flavor of the chef unknown before this instant and brought forth for every individual nature to savor and reflect upon. the integration of every experience and every reaction to all experiences and every truly creative instant of inspiration becomes the meaning that the universe inserts into each moment that comes and soon the very nature of reality is changed and is unknowable to the last. in this is life undetermined except through our unchecked and fevered desire to become that which we realize and invent and aspire to without heed for what others require.

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