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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ancestral retreat

i am in the very center of existence, my self immersed with the divine, all my being aligned with the purpose of becoming divine, never wavering, sometimes in the heart of being exploding with the force of love. all day it is the stretch from being at work to being in harmony, not an alien form but a loving connection i need. the force of the cleaning and the love of the divine combine into ecstasies and flow like rivers of delight as the earth opens up and lets me go.
in every retreat the force is released and reconnected, every truth is released and set free, every meaning loosed and loved, every purpose unbound and let go. all that remains is that which you have yet to find for the next time and the next. as in the process we know what we become but never who we were, awareness is ever looking ahead integrating the past with the present as future evolves. what is I is ever I and that which is the i ness is always integral to that which is to be and is now forever what is the awareness. beyond that is the i in you becoming only the i without any source or ending.
the accumulation of the family of man, the evolution of the species, the race of all mankind's attachments and emotions is here with you in this moment and unless you consciously remove that which is there, you will be forever immersed in the pool of desire. as the unawakened man is the slave of this mass of directive and invective.
only through the miracle of meditation and energetic realization can this be overcome and dispelled, first in each individual and finally in the collective for we each copy down the code and run it in our systems and add our own twist and flavor to its message, then at death it is uploaded to the collective. the passage is unremarkable as the system is wiped clean and returned for recycling. the only method for aborting this process is to reverse the code in the system, by emptying the memories from the storage, through meditation.the mind must stop, before the code can be killed, like booting into safe mode, then the quiescent virus of ancestral karmas can be easily removed. but this is not all. the everyday will bury you anew with your reactions and inattention's, your emotional connections and cords to a million thoughts ideas people places and things, whatever you can think feel or imagine, you become connected to and take on their programming. to get beyond this your practice must daily remove these and finally prevent these from ever occurring.
and remember, we absorb everything, not just what we are aware of but the great mass that we are not. our system is processing 11 million bits of information through our known senses every second, and an unknown quantity through the senses we arent aware of. all this has the ability to trigger our emotions feelings thoughts in ways we have no control over. so when we have a thought or a reaction or a desire, we have no idea what has triggered this. its all imaginary that we are in control of these human systems we inhabit.
become light, divine light and know you are not the body or the mind or the feelings but the being of spirit that has come to be integral in the process of bringing awareness, divine consciousness into living and unliving matter, a divine force not of this earth but in communion with these tiny spirits awaiting our salvation.

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