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Monday, July 5, 2010

pray for me

i find the torture of the soul exquisite and the pain of the madness divine
where is the truth hidden
and in what strongbox held
life meets me and then triumphs as a man would a child
all is folly to the seamstress as she waits for me
and i in torn rainments swallow my pride and beg for the protection of cloth
lust be gone and may universal light enter all meaning here
the world is turned so that none may see its true face and the rest of life is simply false
next to oceans are lands end and where the two begin
i find only touching
the love flows from the erosion and absorption of all reality into matter dissipated and absorbed into endless form
the drink becomes the matter of existence and the food
the passage of the meaning for existing
pray for me in this hour for
i see the damage i have done for love and the freedoms lost for trying where there was nothing to do
take solace from me and leave nothing but the stone sitting exposed to wind and sun and freezing nights for this too shall be cracked and spoken of as if there were meaning and intelligence and drama.
each insect has the will and every cell the meaning but what purpose man but to know and become that which he cannot conceive in this minute so there it must end
except in the madness coming
but yet the next second there is hope and that too shall not help or even damage what cannot be stopped
as long as the tribe returns each summer to the solstice stone and the prayers never ending

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