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Monday, July 26, 2010

ho' oponopono

this was it, the mother lode, the nest of the full blown crazies.the radical philosophy of a maverick kahuna in the hands of the flower generation passed on to every middle aged abused housewife in 17 countries. Stretch pants over beach balls and hair every which way, short is best or impossible frizz. the flavor of the day is orange.and large. with all the guile of a high school production, the fate of the world is given to these. and thats the truth of it.
literally. its nothing short of the fate of all mankind which is transferred to the abilities of the near insane and the portly petulant. who else would even consider it possible, and these are not all first timers suckered in by a smooth talking huckster in a book that is simple and evasive but promises too much to, many are multi year students of the Hawaiian madwoman.
the philosophy is a variant of all eastern thought. there is only one being expressed in unending forms in every molecule of existence. and that being is in each of us and is perfect. it is only the memories stored through all generations of living humans, the resurfacing of remembered falseness to the being, the turning away from the divine that create the problems in the world. these memories are shared with all in the being. so when a problem arises it acts like a virus, the memory is shared by all it touches. what to do?
this one Kahuna in the 70's devised a method where one person in harmony with themselves could petition the divine self nature to erase these memories and thereby remove them from all mankind for all time. its a simple process of repentance, acceptance and gratitude that makes this possible and anyone can do it, although it seems to be a 24/7 job and the pay is spotty. They call it cleaning, and a hundred cleaning tools are available, like pretzels and bazooka bubble gum and of course ice blue solar water that cleans everything. i know it sounds crazy
but anything radical enough to save mankind from losing his divine nature cant be business as usual, so when i say this is the nest of the full blown crazies, i mean that in a good way, it has to be here, in the nest, where the accepted reality is stretched thin that a breakthrough of the magnitude that is needed can happen.
the trick is to realize that all reactions, all feelings, all appearances that we see in others is actually all in our own experience arising from our own memories. the others are all divine beings, perfect, it is the replaying of these collective memories in ourselves that create the issues that arise. and these memories disconnect us from our own divinity. so when we read about a child molester, its ourselves that is the molester, the holder of the thoughts, the creator of the issue, not the person on tv or in the paper, or even your own brother in law. its the one having the experience. So if you remove the memories that are creating your reaction, that removes the problem for you and since we all share these memories, for everyone and all can be that much nearer the divine. it even removes the memories for the object of your experiencing.
the cleaning tools are straight out of a cargo cult in new guinea, m&m's , Life Savers (they save your life),Burrito, gold watch. its an eclectic collection of divinely inspired connections between the mundane articles of modern culture and the erasure of these stored memories cutting us off from seeing the divine within and without.
The inner child, unihipili, needs to be loved by the self , the uhane, the conscious mind, for it is the unihipili that talks directly to the divine through the father, aumakua, the superconscious self. So for the cleaning to work the individual must be in a perfect relationship with their inner child, the source of all intuition. this is the most important part of the work, to love thy inner self. who can argue with that?
and finally when you can find that point when you have cleaned down to the rock bottom, and believe me, you begin to realize that it is like the depth of the very earth itself, then you will experience the open pathway to the divine and can experience finally the natural divine inspiration that is the meaning of our existence. no small task, its described as tedious and continuous work, but the results are for everyone everywhere and for each self that can do such lofty work.
Imagine a hundred years from now, the ho oponopono has become part of daily life and cleaning has progressed to where all the memories are gone, only the immediate reactions are collected and every human is seeing the other as who they truly are, not a reaction to memories but as the shining connection to the divine. It is something this simple that the world needs, the divine inspiration of one Hawaiian spreading throughout the world. Clean that thought.

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