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Friday, August 5, 2011

karmic banking

in a rough analogy, we all live our lives through the Bank Of Karma, the BofK. and like every bank for every transaction there is a fee. it is the cost of having an account and controlling what happens. we go to the bank and make a withdrawal, we want a relationship, bing cha ching another lifetime is the fee. we want children, more lifetimes added. we take some job, ching! soon we are drowning in lifetimes of fees at the BofK. Theres no end to the amount we can owe, no end to the lifetimes we can live, infinity cannot be reached. after a few million lives we start to understand the pointlessness of trying, but the fees just keep on coming. sure some fees can be removed by selfless acts of depositing love and service over thousands of lives, but there is one way to settle the debt now. You see, the divine owns the BofK. trillions of transactions are processed for the divine everyday with no fees. all one has to do is surrender the control of their account over to the divine and accept whatever is given in this life and the fees will begin to disappear as they are distributed throughout the trillions of transactions the divine controls. suddenly there are no more fees, the lives diminish from the account and you no longer have to access your account, but rather live on the transactions that the divine provides. its all done simply and without any fuss. just surrender your account to the divine and you will never need to go to the bank again.

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