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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Samadhi

today journal begins confessing i can remember nothing from yesterday, the slate is cleared, wiped from all knowing. there was some heat and sprinkles from the humid clouds, pain in the knee from the climb up Mt Pinos, we had lunch early and life went on through dinner at 9:30, then reading and meditation until late, i could hear mother walking around as i lay unsleeping. this morning everything was beautiful, early heat, bird feeders filled, bird baths refreshed, a light toast and coffee then i settled down to meditate. immediately i felt the force and a strange emptiness filled me with nothing. i stared into the whirlpool of energy within and fell deeply through inner galaxies and vortexes and unbelievable states of energetic consciousness. the body froze and withered away, i felt the energetic being take control and huge waves of divine force swept through me and through the worlds around me. all was beyond knowing or feeling, i was gone only the being was present. hours passed unnoticed until finally i felt the claw stiffness of my form return and i fell to my side, unable to reason with the flesh as i reanimated into human consciousness. i lay for many minutes unbending the legs and arms, staring at the wall and ceiling. i stumbled forth to the porch where dark clouds and bright sun interacted to create oven like heat. I sat and drank in the delicious blast furnace and felt some life return. I stood immobile by the stove watching mother cook, unable to comprehend such movement, all life had dwindled to awareness without comprehension. i clomped lead footed through the house barely able to hold a glass of cold tea, returning to the porch and the heat of the day. all glory the kingdom of nirvana and the souls endless journey.

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