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Friday, August 12, 2011

Source of Love

at the center of existence burns a fire that only love can hold
from this fire all lamps are lit
every being is burning its light
and every flame burns unquenchable love

here that flame lives
and that Love burns

the Divine Shakti Center exists to bring every flame
to its source of love
where it can burn unending

here there is a powerful source
lit by the flame that you burn so perfectly
and here you are only known as the Divine
where all fire finds its final truth,
that which holds all that has been transformed
to unending light
and gone beyond burning.

thou art that and we aspire to that completion
our union is all and all is what we are.
in you we go beyond all union
where nothing can be known.

that which we know is lost and finally
true knowledge is given
in your inexpressible being.

All is Divine Love burning
transforming into that
which we are in you!

every one of us is a sunbeam of your brilliance
each yearning to be a star
destroying time and space
crushing the very existence we are
into pure truth.

as we remove our shoes before we enter your house
so do we remove our tiny selves in your presence
you allow us nothing but that which we truly are
in your unbearable oneness.

all Love Truth and Wisdom is thine
and in you we are made one.

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