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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


divine is the single note playing in my soul, the one sound i am. all silence dances to that music without end. i collapse with unbearable ecstasy and delight, the love of life is the end of seeking,the beginning of being, the truth is present everywhere, in everything, expressing love, the divine surrender of the being to the forms attraction. in wedded bliss we are one and all together without end, touching with hungry fingers, the fulfillment of every wish,the first and last thought, perfection is loves intention, in every form and beyond all knowing. what is rough smoothed, difficulties eased, longings satisfied. the energy of all awareness transcends me and i am given the life untouched, the love unknown, the truth realized, the being brought forth , what was ever wanting in this emptiness is done. the million private reserves surrendered unquestioned, sincerely, absolutely, with love. transforming is forever, love is beyond time.

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