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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This wondrous day

no face no name i seek that which is forever within me,the candle burns endlessly. where is my soul my being the truth that has no words, only perfection that is already everywhere. what eyes are these that see nothing and this knowing that is all. i touch my self and you appear, i reach for you and hold my own hand, life surrounds and confounds, wherever i go i never move from this awareness, whatever is before me is eternally present, I have manifested all I experience and let all of it go, keeping only that which serves me now, her words hold me and her arms teach me love, i have only her to serve through her form, her manifest being, this rose of all gardens, mother of Eden and Pondicherry, i am her child, lover, brother and father, all are hers and i am knowing only now what she has given to fill this emptiness i could not hold. in every minute there is her love divine and my blindness seeking what was never lost. and when that becomes my truth, i melt away becoming only love, realizing i am that channel of divine and such gratitude that would crush me in its infinite patience.

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