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Thursday, August 5, 2010

non-experiential awareness and the source of spiritual experiences

In the state of non experiential awareness experience becomes subordinate to the awareness of divine. experience becomes the infusion of divine awareness into the individual and thus is a transitory process. As the awareness expands beyond the individual through the membrane of the universal, there is the experience and in that process the awareness and the experience are united. As the awareness passes through the experiential barrier of the universal the individual has the experiences that are so closely related to the spiritual journey, the descending energies, the visions and realizations. as the awareness exits into the universal, the pressure is removed and the experiences fall away. it appears at first that they have stopped but in truth the individual has sufficiently expanded that the experiences no longer create the pressure that was associated. The rupture of the membrane has ended and the pressure is gone.the expanded state emerges into a new plane where untold amounts of expansion can occur without restriction. thus the experiences are no longer felt.
There is another level of spiritual experience which is related to the individual connecting to their own infinite divine self in their final realized state while still in the space and time limited form. this creates pressure from the connection as the infinite self enters the individual. here the individual is actually reaching beyond this plane of existence and experiencing their own future infinite state and have the experiences that the infinite being entering the restricted consciousness creates. here the individual is assured that they are in fact to eventually be connected permanently to their divine self.
in the individual awareness the human consciousness is identified with the experience and feels it as their awareness having the experience. everything else is subordinate to the experience. it is only when the individual awareness crosses the plane of experience that there is an end to identification with the experience. The experience serves as a marker that this part of the journey has begun, however once the individual awareness merges with the infinite the attachment to the experience ends. the state of non experiential awareness takes hold and the state becomes unattached to the sensory and experiential nature of the beings consciousness and instead connects to the infinite awareness that has no connection to any individual state.

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