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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

what is beautiful

there is little else for me than the work the aspiration the time spent in between, my man made duties that i must fulfill for a time going forward.all else is fallen away. i have such little selfish time left, a few minutes of reading undivine book with my coffee. that will soon be gone. I still surrender that which is not divine to her only and all is for her and she is helping me to see what i am and what i truly am. this morning in my meditation i lit the candle of my kundalini and set it before the altar of the mother and felt her come to me in energy divine and her fingertip touched my forehead lightly and all ecstacy and pain blossomed in my soul and i am wrung like a towel filled with the water of the divine drunken by the thirsty soul lost from the desert of the empty heart. what is true is what she gives me. i surrender all understanding and knowledge and trust in the inspiration she would send me. the MAHALAKSHMI is my center my heart my connection to all that mother would bring. i surrender forever and evermore to that being of perfect grace and balance to align me with that which is truth and love.

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