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Friday, August 20, 2010


relinquish control of all things all possessions all life and thought. here is the desire force crushing our lives into the earth removing the freedom of joy and ecstasy. all is the limitations of the ego, the grasping on to what we think we are is immaterial, not of this planet and not of this flesh, and all we are given is only the gift of love and its manifestations. all we hold with love and purity is ours, that which is left is not ours and never was. we come as visitors, guests, children with nothing and we begin to think we own this because we have senses and desires of the senses.what we are is lost in the sea of samskara and grasping on to every wave as we are swept in the current of existence. how can we be free if we do not know we are imprisoned. touch who you are not your possessions, feel the truth of having nothing and being nothing. live as a ghost in this world a spirit emanating from beyond. when you feel your self disconnect then you can understand the true meaning of life death and the mystery of existence. we cannot possess anything except our being existing without the deformity of desire. that which we see touch, taste, hear, smell all is the trap of existence, all will keep the revolution of the spirit trapped in body after body until all else is lost. under the skin and bone and nerves is the soul, the spirit being possessed and possessing all. in that experience the spirit loses all identity and becomes the body, the senses and the experiences. then the soul is trapped in the original misunderstanding of the original agreement, the original sin, the wanting what is not ours to have.

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