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Friday, June 24, 2011

let darkness be

dawn, crippled child of the night, come to end all mystery and magic, shed light upon all fears, let this time hold back this once, as my dreams are unfinished and i am needed there, with my dream friends and their dream lives. here the dream is concrete and stone, people needless and driven. where is my warmth and folded arms, foreheads leaning together with such a knowing smile. this life is undeniable but i deny all. truth sits without moving, love is the river round, wherever the current flows, it stands as the imperishable boulder that withstands all time, submerged in love, basking in the light unending. what skies revolve, planets succumb, even the sun declines, i am that timeless edifice of unshakable being, unbreakable awareness, formless and in all forms, that separates nothing, whole yet apart, i am that always castaway, in the midst of madness, collapsing from the unending duality that experiences, that realizes, that tries everything, to attain that which is already there. let go the mask of reason, untie the belief of self, be that song my dream is singing, merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is only dreaming...

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