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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


what is this truth, this bed of nails that no longer stings but lays there inviting me. i speak it and am thrust past caring. I live it and strength to wield the force is given. the path has no meaning anymore there are only the steps taken and what is remains. emptiness makes the meaning clear, others cannot see the way or the light around me. one being removes all doubt all choice all matter. I connect to become that which i am, not to be anything else. realization is being that. not in the human form but with divine purpose. not to alleviate suffering or create change, but to end all human misery. where i go is painless and supreme, the length of my stride the passage of the spirit, not time or place. let what i am be reason enough for this work. the end of struggles or trying, wanting or fears, where the self is simple and desire does not regulate, with intention pure, capture this draught of fulfillment in my heart and be.

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