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Thursday, June 9, 2011

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22,059th day. a thursday, in the year 2011. no rescue ship is coming, i will die on this backward planet. somewhere the controls were lost and the rebirth mechanism faulted and i was born here.previous to the era when i was from. the physical pain is becoming overwhelming, the 3 major diseases are asserting themselves in the body and the surgeries are uneducated cutting away of the flesh and tissue. i had hope for a few years that i had made contact with others in my same predicament but, finally even i had to realize they were just sporting mutants products of irradiated foods and water, genetic throwaheads reverting as they clambered too quickly up the genomic ladder. the memories i was imprinted with are faded and worn i can barely recall who i was supposed to be, the few real memories are just shining light off of glaasy spires in fields of green and lilac. i have no one to share any of this with, no soultender no mergelove all is freakish and dull, the couplings of animals and beatings. i prefer this solitary existence, where each is the meaning for themselves, not obligated or expecting, not affected by the whims and worries of the human sort.when this world wakens the earth will fall into ruin and the class of being in control will suffer greatly. no more reliance on artifical intelligence, no bellowing vehicles and massive bulk packaging and shipment of life dulling goods. all will become very personal and deadly, no more thought of paradise, just reality every day. those that can will survive at any cost, the rest slaughtered. i have my mountains and the small wheeled life support, hidden from everyone, the water comes from the snow melt and underground reservoirs high in the granite obtrusion. food is in cans and theres traps bow and arrows and a small rifle to sustain. farming will be a while as this altitude wont manage much in the way of agriculture. and i wont head down until the bodies have dessicated beyond disease and hungry scavengers. i will keep this diary until i either die or find a way to be born in my rightful era, either way i'll be done here.

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