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Sunday, June 19, 2011

unending certainty

what light shines in thee that lights each lamp in turn
though cloaked in dark i shine so bright reflecting thy brilliant grace
such music flows throughout each note thy perfect loves refrain
sweet temperament that shelters all from self inflicted pain
you fill me beyond measure and then empty that which cannot be
till only love can survive in unending certainty
the deeper i get, the less there is i can do myself
to your soul i will cleave this helpless child and stay
held safe knowing your love is her true passage
where you are, i am with you though every voice cries danger
i know this comes hard on trouble and confusion,
i remain a bending reed in the storm clinging to your love

what soft roses petal my eyes
in such dreams i am lost without searching
can truth be beauty revealed as thee
only mine eyes can tell me
be still before the rising light
take the love that is given this day
each moment i hear the whisper of my own secret joy
wrapping me round and round with sweet love
where can such mighty mountains pass through tiny hearts so open
here in thy perfect being we are made wondrous light
untouchable unstoppable complete

i am thine always
without measure in the moment without the thought of how
in every instant now i surrender
no tears complete this love no hearts unstrung
but pure joyous singing from above
ascending i am pulled by my heart without resistance
my heart beats like thunder my breath a heated fever
i am taken and given with unending love

since early i am smitten with such feeling that i can hardly contain my words
for what is love but the truth in every letter
the filling of every space and edges of each line
all is her love unending and perfect and i just a painter of her slightest gifts
you have returned me to her and through you i am taken to her heart
such gratitude and humble treasures as i have i give to thee always and for love
but even that seems selfish and vain for the light is beyond measure or worth
there is nothing in me worthy but that which has been my treasure to receive

this balloon filled and upon a summer breeze
does fly careless aloft and alight the clouds on high
yes you are in my heart burning with love
truly you are come to your conclusion now
matter transformed into energy squared
thou art that my love
and like a nuclear reaction
we all are shattering in sympathetic wonderment and joy

the beast heart cannot contain within me
i am set free and loosed upon the fruits of your labors
you are the firmament of the night holding each star in place
the oxygen of every reaction
the catalyst of matter into magic
i feel the whole universe trembling with joy
as you are born

i am so thankful for your love
you are that which is never born and has no name as men would place on you
i do like a mighty river flowing into your ocean
i and thou are that together forever
in one love there are all hearts
grace has become us

your samadhi is love eternal coming to us all
your life given is returned beyond all knowing to that which is all of us reborn
the light is flowering from your orchids love
every atom bursts with love and each one follows
it can never end
and all is yours
all is come home to thee
for you have given all with perfect love and devotion truly

i am filled with love and sweet praise for thee and thine mother in eternal fusion
all is but the drama which speaks her name eternally
and we the strokes of her brush upon the canvas of creation
i am in that state that has no meaning but gives air to every whim
for it is the birds singing that frees the air to dance
and i am in a dancing frenzy my heart beating with the force of thy love
love love love you dearly madly sweetly
and forever

my hands are thy tools
this heart beats for you
for you are the mother to me
through you i will be hers
i am hers in your love
i am returned to where we always come together
that space of love and truth between us divine
that which felt in me so missing and distant
is here present and alive
it is the sweetness and the power you give me
that breaks this rotten crust and washes my eyes clean
for in me there is nothing that does not love
and no place that has any where but the heart to be
if my heart song deepens your love i am truly blessed
may this day always be

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