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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


is there an energy that comes when the indecision ends, when the motivation takes over and its just things to get done. I think so. i feel it in me already. once you move in the direction you decide to then the flow starts, it never waits once the channel is opened. Perhaps that is where this hiatus has come from, as even i knew i needed to take the next steps. the lightfooted dance of the undetermined does nothing to proceed, its when the foot falls straight and onward that there is a crash of energies that wait for nothing and start to align the life that everyone will see. the choice is the new creation, the new dimension, the twisting of parallel lines into an unmanageable new shape that has no beginning or end only some unspeakable beauty of the soul in bliss. I have a wonder of what will be as i only see the barest outline now. a new paradigm, structure of light and magic unbound by mans baser forms. and at the beginning, i see the shores of india, as everyone has predicted, and after that the air is empty of signs for this incarnation as the next is already in the cocoon. the heart leaps and sinks alternately with joy and fear happiness and horror for what is to come and which can no longer be denied. I will leave everyone behind and spend my days in the toil of my souls fruition and no longer the dollar and the sense of life. if there is no net then the ground will catch me and have the soul i can no longer use, but if there is no end to the expansion then the universe is mine and more.

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