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Sunday, June 27, 2010

belfried domes

last festers gloom of maidens votive enjoiced and deeded
with clamored praises heartened slumbers taken nown
dread supplicant renounce come dangered warries
let dinning clamor unloose wit maddened tellings
of kinds place unmentioned fare repast
treat crux of foundings restless waiting
sleeps harpings quiet near fearsome painted dwells
neath candles set twixt cupboards rulings
left sextants parlor crouched near grounding fires bore
scents plied withering airs in downy wools suborn
crossly tapping plunders onto kiltering meadows cove
granted willful foundlings thar fell camps hurried
past barrows deepened wares compose
come flaxen twinkle pixied passions
readly pricks entreat with buckled console given
mated ardors wafting heavens ford in fevered contest
justly warted flighting kinsfolks under mooning swards
desperate congeries convoke ruddy mantlings
all come timbered fen lain dune and drawn
midst sated peats ere belfried domes consort

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