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Monday, June 28, 2010

universal mind

awakened in this body i came to realize, i had actually fallen asleep. for what i knew as myself was only the fraction of me that knew nothing.the rest was yet to be found. as i grew i knew, i felt, i sensed the rest, as if from a great distance, i imagined myself to be in some far distant galaxie from the truth, existing alone and without any recourse to that which i sensed was truly my reality. The world suffered and so did i, knowing was never close enough, i needed to be that whatever the cost. i slipped into the suit of self as natural as a magpie in a murder of crows, there was a likeness but never the feathers matched.the mind trembled at the thought that there was a higher reality awaiting me. i was walking in the refuge and realized i was becoming conscious in my body, conscious of all that i am and all that i possess. in me there is the engine of being fully coordinating every cell every process, every neuron and ferreoultube of awareness to regulate this body perfectly, to create health and regeneration for all the damage done and all the fear of my mind throughout my life.
there is the truth, the self that is in charge and beyond that the self that is always connected to every subtle body and every force and energy in the universe, synchronized and merged everlasting to this body of flesh, the form through which the transformation of matter and light takes place. inside this brain the billions of connections are firing beyond measure connecting to every impulse of creation and nothing ever stops. the only difference is the function of the "conscious" mind, which is the unconsciousness that has afflicted me all my life. in every neuron there is the 1% reserved for the actions of the conscious mind, the space and time keeper, the telemetric memory box that is supposed to keep me from walking off cliffs and getting burned in a wildfire. its supposed to click on when the body feels threatened, the fight or flight syndrome, and then shut off once the danger is gone, but now i realize it never shuts off, the mind begins to create the environment where the fear never stops and it never shuts down, so we only experience its amazing stupidity, instead of our amazing universal consciousness, hidden in the other 99% of the neural explosions occurring without end.
the whole trick to enlightenment is to shut off the nagging "conscious" mind and let the connection to the true self exist. As soon as the mind shuts down, the opening begins, the connection is instantaneous, we have trouble realizing its that easy, as soon as the mind starts back up it invalidates the experience, trust the soul the heart, never the mind. the secret of all the yogis all the holy men, the witch doctors and miracle workers, connect to the silent mind, connect to the universal awareness waiting inside. nothing else is needed but to trust that part of yourself to care for you as it has continuously since you were a zygote, and it will heal and regenerate everything, just let the idiot mind go, and find the true source of your life, the one right here right now, just 1% of a neuron away from you, one thought from being here now.

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