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Sunday, June 20, 2010

seattle weekend bliss

the simple splendor of the soul, the sanctuary of the heart, i am in the bliss again, the bear-in-the-honey is fat. its a life worth living as the days drift between my love and my brother and all things are found loving. I have reconnected with two of the brightest lights of the galilee retreat kathleen and mary, my loving treat-mates. Kathleen whos eyes are as big as saucers and mary with the elfin light and child. both are giving me so much love i am in heaven. We have spent the weekend in seattle for a weekend program with siddhartha. Its at Chucks house, overlooking the waters of the puget sound. he has shooed away his 2 boys and his dogs to accommodate this rag tag bunch of idolaters and madmen for the weekend. Simi and i rode with siddhartha from olympia to chucks house through the madness of the seattle traffic, luckily finding the express road open as we go subterranean through the thx1138 tiled tunnels past all the crazies. we find an open starbucks near the house for we have arrived an hour early and siddhartha needs his fix. sims and i sit and drink water in the surging crowds even though on this 4 way intersection there are starbucks on two of the corners. we brave two cross the busy intersection at 100th ave and search the nearby QVC food store for sourdough and raisin bread. we find the sourdough but no raisin, amazing. we wander over to the drug store and get some tissues and toothpaste and finally back at the starbucks we find siddhartha ready to go. The house is a beauty tucked into a small gravelled alley, with many floors and balconies overlooking the water and the distant tree covered inlets of the sound. Chuck is eternally casual and gracious with us and is so open about his life, his heart, his experiences, we are all put at ease and each one of us in our own bedrooms. The first two days in olympia were good, the time with siddhartha and the meditations and wonderful time with my love walking and talking like our hearts always do.on friday, siddhartha and my love had a session for hours , and when they came out, siddhartha told me she needs nothing but to come into her power and her attainment fully, all is in place and there is nothing left to do. she does not have to meditate with us and she will stay with Gail 20 minutes away while i will remain here to work with siddhartha.
I was suddenly sad. i felt i had lost her somehow, or had been left behind again. the world took a blue tone and she went for a walk as i was to sit with siddhartha for a hour meditation.the sitting was mostly a jumble of feelings and thoughts, hating siddhartha and missing my love. there was no place for my heart to go and no depth of force to remove me from my reveries.
Later my love returned and we sat and talked and i cried as a little boy would who had lost his mother, and she told me to never think we would be apart or that she was anywhere but with me. my ascendancy is set and my attainment more pure and noble for all my love and selfless efforts but nothing could pull me from my mood. i was glad for the sleepless night alone on the floor and i knew i would be moving to my next guna soon.
the morning was a 2 hour meditation, just myself with siddhartha and the depth of the force took away my mood and i felt the rising of the kundalini. after the meditation, again a two hour meditation that seemed to zoom along without hurry. my love and i talked an i was more upbeat more into a sort of mad phase and felt the unfairness of the representation of my work and all i have done and i soon realized i was too deep in the soup to be even talking like this. i was experiencing the movie on the screen, rather than the screen, the experience rather than the experiencer. then there was the walk through the puget park where the large wooden steps and the hills and the lake of salt water and thousands of trees and plants and birds raised me up and away even as my love and i struggled to keep up with siddhartha for the hour and ten minute walk that became a hike. exhausted we showered and packed and prepared for our trip to seattle.
Chucks home is a dream of love and a man cave for him and his two sons and all their friends. But he has cleaned everything in preparation of the weekend. the first night i am reunited with Kathleen and mary, both as beautiful as love itself and with mary is her sone just as beautiful and with long long ringlets of auburn hair on his 9 year old head.and his is her face on a young boy full of the pink of life. many people come and all listen raptly to siddarthas long dissertation on the path of the seeker and the work of the SAT. then there is only time for a twenty minute meditation where i am so deep in the well of the being and then suddenly i am drawn up by the ringing bell. The energy is running so strong in me, i feel the 4th burning with it. When its time to sleep after much talking and goodbyes, i have no sleep, just awakened dreams of islands and children being murdered and my band of commandos seeking out the robots of death and saving the children. 4 am comes and i am up coffeed and toasted, off for a quick walk around the cloud covered neighborhood where plants grow in gigantic profusion and with great delicacy and taste. the morning meditation brings back mary and kathleen at 6am. we all go deep and are hurried through two hours of pure force. we breakfast on stone cut oatmeal and fruits. we are a happy bunch.

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