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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

letter to myself

you use the word telepathic and truly that is my experience too. Not that i know what people are thinking but that i have a closeness to them once established. with you i feel we did establish that during the years of playing music. nothing is more telepathic and empathic than sharing minds and emotions. My state right now is in some turmoil. My brother, my spiritual teacher, has told me i must leave my family and go to india. This of course has many consequences in the material world. loss of job, benefits, probably the house. and the effect on my wife and daughter is also hard, they would be left to fend for themselves and i have done little to prepare them for that. On one hand i have the usual feeling of the joy to leave all these things and relationships behind and strike out on a new road, down further now my spiritual path, on the other i have all the dread of casting away my ordained duties and forfeiting my responsibilities to home and kin. what must this world be that is all misery and pain where men would lift themselves to strike what is love in their hearts and freedom for their spirits. i found a wonderful method for relieving the suffering in others, ho' oponopono, now i must find if it relieves the suffering in me. taken as a step in my spiritual evolution and as even the likely progress without that as motivation, the truth is clear, my life is about more than any things or relationships here on this planet. soon i will be stepping forth as alone as a human can be into the world of the afterlife, the sleepless dreamstate of death, where will any of this be for me then. so if then , why not now, as i have only myself as spirit in a body to gain. I wonder why i would tell this all to you, but perhaps because i know you have similar experiences in your life and i am seeing the matching pictures. I reach out to you not from the past but from the moment and where we touch is always now.
love peace and happiness arent so bad after all,

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