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Sunday, June 27, 2010

heavenly down

wingless morning arise and tiptoe into scarlet
befuddle evens darkful patter fore the light
when christened dome pinch chillburned sky
lest easterly's riposte unnaturally found
without herons wing alight and pressed heavenly down
skit camper reckless windings fled canvas bound
where flame and rock sunder murkled storms confers
wake skyward petalled campus blooms drips elixir borne
seek everward defiles obsidian's crowned glories
with unspeakable midwifery of radiance loosed
triumphant bastions breached morn's desperate lair
held funnels piercing legions unslept quarters dare
now candles ends requires far clambering wintered's prose
come flushing fecksome slumbers past godsakens compose
end postulated happenstance lest ordain repose no more

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