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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

subtle forces

the sea of sleep is the port of call for the force, in active participation i am working through the night attaining the mastery of the force in the chakras. I have mastered the 4th chakra and all is proceeding as planned. I sleep and dream of my work the passage of the force from the 7th chakra through the psychic and the transcommunication channel to the heart. from the heart the flow is to the energy chakra through the sex and to the root. In the night i awaken a number of times with a dry coughing fit as the energy moves through my 5th and the throat is sent into its normal reaction to the overwhelming force. I feel the energy running through me and wish the dream to continue for i feel the effects of the work i am doing in the other dimensions. the dream has little dimension but there are others there with me and we are all involved in the same work. i am wholly relived to be back in the nest of the source and the work we are doing to create the perfect vessel for the transmission of the force to the living and unliving matter. the days of the last week have been rightfully difficult as i have been truly in battle with the forces in opposition to the development of the universal mind in physical matter. The most sinister has been the use of the past the revisiting of the youth and the memories of the past as a distraction and then the ever awaiting things to do and places to go and people to talk to as a constant interruption of the meditation. It was only yesterday that i realized the pain and the frustration that was entering my meditation was the time and place trap. i would begin to feel the intensity of the force and instead of diving completely into it, i would be focused on the end, the next thing, the meal or the chat or the jacuzzi anything to take me out of the experience and this would cause greater resistance to the force and increase the pain. yesterday, i set aside all day for meditation. I resolved to be without a care for anything else. I sat for two hours and had almost no feeling of the force, i sat patient and in the moment never thinking of what else i would do for there was nothing. i took a short lunch break at 2pm and reentered the meditation, this time seated in the half lotus, the best i can do, on the floor. within moments the flow began and it was light and electric. i felt the familiar rain of the energy and soaked up the feeling of its pure enticement and loving strength. in the second hour the kundalini was activated and the power of the sleeping python came to life up and down my spine and i knew i had found my source perfectly. the use of the full 4 hours for meditation is the key. to be unconcerned for any other thing is essential as any distraction will start the cycle of resistance. even the feeling of satisfaction of being full of being complete is a distraction, there can only be the communion of the force and your awareness and expanding vessel to exist. otherwise you fall victim to the machinations of the mind and the subtle forces that fight the transformation that want to keep the world in the unending obscurity.

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