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Saturday, June 26, 2010

wakened knowing

i am feeling the samadhi
its trembling within
all is frozen in liquid love
my heart is one beat of loves divine being
forever giving
forever filling
letting go
letting more love go further and further
endless reaching
here always being
always wonderfully flying into the heart of the sun
stillness beyond motion endlessly
this moment exists within us always
deeply transcendent
purple waves of supreme manifestation
indelible meaning unspoken
wheels of karma still
wonder overtaken by presence
light within white
planets connecting
galaxies awakened
universe constant unending
whisper of supreme silence descending
there sparkling infinite is formed
pressed wondrous to the unmade perfection
unmade from beyond the form
light saturates behind the glowing wakened knowing
there emptiness is finally overcome
and pale centuries unknown become
no meteors of persuasion but felt mated fantasy entreat
lidded mansions herald forgotten before the timelessness detour
under held sequestered pilgrimages taken lightly from heavens ford
rivers filled with man made gods devotion plentied and ignored
with emptied hearts and fulcrums filled from minds harvested and cold
winters done and formidable pleasures untold devoured by one soul
until the emptiness sharp and quickly broken took even that apart from his only hand
left empty once and only woman made him whole
where mothers breast swayed from cheek to toe and played loving before the mind took hold
the mansions dim become the fortress told
play fright and fear and touch and part never leaving but in grace and understanding nothing but the emptiness fulfilled
young is old and the mighty bold forgiven for there being is filled without questioning
only having is the treat the desire makes going stay near
whisper the words i never heard before the horns of meaning play
for i fear the sounds will never end this emptiness i hear
and in the sound completely missing there is a melody i play without a sound or thought or feeling everywhere i hear
a manbeast pride of solitude leaving without a care for meal or friend or living
all known is come and all meant undone where rivers of the sky full of stars unbidden fly
and i alone in every place i have ever found myself erupt
in flames of purpose given and reunited with living in mansions filled and freedom taken
let understanding wither as poppies flame and further kneeling surrender
repeating ever more
in love and loving thee always and eternally devoted to thee and thine pure being

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