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Thursday, June 17, 2010

olympia of the trees

olympia, the mountain of the gods, the funkier than thou, street people and students, shops and ships everywhere and trees beyond believing, giant weaving green. when the wind blows the world is alive with trembling leaves moved by an invisible force and my heart flutters with them. the air is full of sea and the liquid permeates everything, everything is filled with the fluidity of life, the expression of the shifting of time and space to accommodate every souls aspiration. the love is in me but is expressed everywhere we go, surrounded by all i truly need the one soul that is my mate and the brother of my soul in harmony in this moment in shared communion with our beings as our bodies walk through the relaxed world of evergreen and washingtons capitol. i am moved to feel the life here the strength of our relations in this bowl of beings this soup of existence where every heart is a song and their voices heard. I feel the chill in this june air and the recent rain on the sidewalks but we are dry and jacketed and shoed as unlike our lives in the south of california, here there is still the eves of the trees to create the damp and require the clouds to be, the very home of the trees and these the many hobbits to love among them. We partake a sandwich on the 5th ave and talk about the force and the universe and the powers of the beings carrying that on this planet. We are unadjusted, just flown in to seattle and chauffeured to olympia by my gracious brother and guru in his most funky honda, and to his center on legion amongst the most beautiful and majestic trees that line the avenue. Shopping at the Ralphs market that has nothing to do with the chain of stores and looking for candles and raisin bread. the day is moving into late afternoon swiftly and we gather in the meditation hall for an interaction with siddhartha. he swiftly explains the actions of the force and the source and the process in the body of the transformation and evolution of the consciousness to the 5th awareness which is bringing consciousness to matter from the connection to the self aware being. then it is time for evening meditation. 2 hours with the SAT. i immediately feel the force bubbling in my fourth chakra and soon it is like a mix-master at high speed churning me, after the first hour it settles into my lower forth and i begin to feel a definite shape, a purpose for its locale. It has taken the exact shape of my liver and for an hour its is bubbling and churning and exciting every cell in my liver to expand and regenerate and heal. i can feel the wonderful awareness that is directing this and sending me the healing that i need to move on. the 2 hours pass like minutes and we are done for the evening. I have a cup of soup and some decaf and settle to my bed in the meditation hall and swiftly fall to sleep.
the morning comes at 12:30 as siddhartha prepares his dinner and i wake momentarily to the sound of chopping salad fixings. i roll over after a glance at my clock and sleep until 4am when i get up have my morning pills and amino acids and raisin toast and decaf and prepare for the 5am meditation. The morning force is sweet and gracious coming swiftly to me i feel like i am in another world, far distant from this one, totally disconnected from the world of humans, its a magical place without thought or reason and there is a visible barrier between it and the other world. I suddenly sense everything returns and i am in my body in the mediation hall and i feel a little disappointed as i was loving this new world i was in and just that quick it is gone. but the energy is humming sweetly through me filling me with a honey of experience that i love also and i settle in as the 2 hours again pass smoothly. after we are done ands siddhartha retreats to his room i have my shower and then a nother cup of decaf. I decide to walk and she comes with me as perfect as an angel can be and we walk to the park with the lake and the wind is chill and the clouds blustery and she says it looks like it could rain any time, and we see all these walkers and joggers many in only t shirts some in shorts and we are bundled bravely in the cold when suddenly the drops begin and the weathermen are wrong and we run to a small folk art store and wander amongst the many offerings from nepal and india and pakistan and mexico and places too numerous to mention. then its out and down the pier where many funky and nice boats and houseboats are moored and only an old power cruiser from the 1920's is moving through the water. we wander a while then up the streets to the shops and explore the healing and scrap booking shops before heading back, fully 2 and a half hours we walk when 2 blocks from the center the rain begins again and in earnest. we arrive and siddhartha is preparing for his bike ride and i settle down my stomach feeling queasy for unknown reasons but here are many possibilities.

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