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Monday, May 31, 2010

treat unexpected

as the hours progress the sticky notes begin to fall away, the lingering torments of the conscious and unconscious let go. where the fear of the pain subsides the taste of the freedom flows. the swinging door returns and admits the fresh air of its own making. i feel the emptiness inside me and the clarity of the forces return incredibly pure like invisible raindrops filled with electric vibrations. my heart sings in unison and cries with pure love for the soul.the flow is beautiful and natural and plays with me like a lover would when bringing a treat unexpected. i sit in the energy descending on the floor half naked and my arms in sleek repose to my hands turned upward on my knees. there is no chill no cold of the demon force insinuating itself through my withholding. the clavicle pain and the left arm stinging have come back with the friendly power. i have sat for 3 hours in slowly increasing states and from different sitting positions, first in my chair for 2 hours legs down and resting at times on my low lying table. as i moved to the floor the force began its descent, enumerating all its previous signals to me, the tickling, the lines of ants across my cranium, the dance fever in my face and the sudden wide descent to my chakras that suddenly are running like an 8 cylinder motor fully ready for the pace. now i have stepped free of time and space, the limitations of the next and the next and expectations and slowly i feel a giant orb of energy descend through my neck and a powerful strength of energy descend down my spine and spread out at the root like a python unfolding. it sits a while and then reties itself into a ball and begins to ascend cracking my spine until it exits at the back of the neck in a expanding bobble of releasing energies. this repeats 4 times and i am stretching my spine like a cat to afford its entry and egress from every nervous center in my body. meanwhile the front of my body is in sync vibrating with the descending electric rain and i am vibrating through out unable to hardly move but breathing i great snorts of air like liquid oxygen for fuel.
i am returned.

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