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Saturday, April 17, 2010

ashen illumination

the pain and the obscurity of matter
the heart smothering physical nature
i am tied to this form in its movement from matter to divine
and every part of me is changing
where there was clarity and purpose now the
physical vibrations are holding me under
i would change but i must endure
for the body is not light in its transition
but the energies where love resides with structures
detaching and attaching again and again
i seek the heart and the spirits resolution
but am shown the ashen illumination through the veil
for what is manifested comes hard in the tissues that we create
i am shut down but still connected
for the silvered crown still vibrates and
the opening of the psychic is clear through the passages i am making
when the foot is on the ground and the eye of god is within
nothing can hold me but my own beliefs
so this is mine
this love i am will carry me and
satchitananda will never forsake
this divine journey

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