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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

mistress of maybe

where i was desperate now i am afraid of nothing
and in that is the mistress of maybe come to dinner
and the joker of pretend sits on the tower sobbing
because real is what is found in churches by the lake
where columbariums ring the altar and organs see through mirrors
a lonely laughter finds a medicine cabinet on a cell block wall
someone mentions politics and the winged horses fly away
its eastertime and the sea of Galilee is coming
where 14 fishes fed for a week and the dining room was full
of tricks and trades and messages of silence talking
stealing rocks and walks from the sandbox by the shore
services were bleak on sunday as the clergy all went home
they caught the void stared into space sat down and cried
if every minute were spent like this we'd never tell a lie
i rang the bell in the snow for the birds that would never sing
the beaches seemed full of holes and bubbles in the air
that take you past the moon and past anyone who cared
helpless sitting in the lifeguard tower with no one left to save
get me some of Siddhartha's things before you decide to leave
the tv's broke the cell wont work and no ones going home

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