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Saturday, April 3, 2010

universe of trust

and with each passage the force would descend with more authority and i without a thought would allow that which i could never deny
the last of many bring me to a dizzying height and the breath of my body is thick and rough
where i step is in the passage of graces golden footsteps drenched in red petals of crimson fire
in each hand am i sending the flame of my existence into the very space that surrounds the being that envelopes me
is this heart alone enough to comprehend the universe of trust i am granted and the power that is given without a care for what could be done
and there is only acceptance and a feeling of raw passion and completion both anticipated and consumed
my love is the passion of my understanding and the conscious actions are become unnerved and fulfilled without my comprehension where does the river go when it meets the sea and how does the earth hold me when the very atmosphere of my intention is flying through to empty spaces untraveled and become my home

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