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Saturday, April 3, 2010

unbelievable possibilities

and on and on and on yet more is written than is known for our every thought is a universe unexplored and yet borned through a process of dimensional majesty where we are the gods of our existence and in every man a Zeus and every woman an Athena mastering our untold awareness that brings forth every possible creation that we can never understand but only create and destroy with the impunity of children helplessly enjoying the games that we play from the moment we dream until there is no light left in our eyes. and where does it go, the billions of neurons exploding into existence the unbelievable possibilities that are our everyday thoughts. not just the possibilities of union and confession but of unknown entities using our amazing powers while we sleep in realms unknown and torture our unsleeping awareness while we pass through nights struggles
leave nothing undone and do not think the fantastic anything but ordinary for our powers and forces are more unbelievable than that for in the image of the creator we are become

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