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Friday, April 2, 2010


crucified we sweat beads of painful empathy for every thief and killer of every man alive for painful retribution is metered out to every man in every life
and we sing sweet hosannas to our holy saints and criminals that we so adore for each and every one has suffered for us all
and in each and every life is pain and misery
even in those we think of as beyond that there is the suffering of the satiated and the blase and stoic for not every feeling is pleasure turned to pain from the source of broken dreams and hopes dashed for children and parents alike
the pain is unending for us all for we live in bodies dying
there is nothing as permanent as we experience our own beings, our own awareness unending and in every moment fulfilling our every expectation of being alive
we know our self the collection of thoughts and feelings and unknown expressions that we have every instant
that never dies never sleeps always endures the tragedy and enjoys the comedy we provide and never tires of being me no one else and has no memory of age or change but constant being in every moment alive and with us and never stopping
and that can never end
can it

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