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Saturday, April 3, 2010

eternities hideaway

temptation be my folly and freedom to think of what is only thy loves deception
for your eyes would trick me and deceive me into falling through endless galaxies reaching into your gaze
and where i would end would be just where i am here and with you and in eternities hideaway
forever lost in your perfect beauty in this tiny place of ours where wicker chairs and mellow lights encompass the unbelievable strain of perfection held between us and every moment a madness of delight
we stir and sunset falters green and suffusing the coming night with desires
for loves romance with the night is never ending and the dance of our words enchants the divine and she would sit with us unknowing that all creation waits for us to part
for every dream is reality perfected and created new
our love unfolds in a billion galaxies and every where we are loves messenger and her own surprise
we enchant the very deity we are conceived from and bring to her the hearts delight between the magic and the moment we are become that which must manifest through loves own dream changing loves universes into loves madnesses unending change unending delights

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