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Saturday, April 24, 2010

subtle pressures

smoke sits in layers throughout the room
candles filled with melted wax
the shaded light is soft and the pillows stacked against the walls.
silence is supreme and the air is still
sitting crosslegged and straight
eyes closed and the breath soft through the nose
descent of the force is imminent
mind shuts down completely
crown vibrates with subtle pressures
chakras begin their motions filled
with the pulse of the chit and the ananda
like giant water wheels pushed into motion
heart fills with vibrating energy
solar plexus expands
time stands still and the form is frozen into place
unmoving settled deeply in the cushions
the air is aware and the light is seeking union
all elements congeal into timeless union
human form slumps and the divine emerges
whole and complete in the bardo of the living

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