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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

reality encloses

in the midst of expansion i feel left behind
my soul collapsing even as i am filled with the sweet bliss of pain and love forgotten
where have i gone so utterly miscued and backwards as to be in this mess where i just removed myself.
i feel i cannot go on without some support yet none is coming
i am completely alone and no hand is offered
i must pull myself from this quagmire alone and without aid of any outside source
i am despondent that i feel such need and more so that i feel like a child left behind wanting this
the love is all and that is hers and only hers for me and why is that still stuck as a human would feel
in the heart of the vital and in the pain of the second chakra closing around the pain
finding truth is like uncovering the greatest treasure known while lost on an uninhabited planet where there is no one to care or share
the reality encloses the aspiration and the soul empties into the abyss
i await the tide and drown as i have a million times before

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