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Sunday, April 25, 2010

science of releasing

this energy this undifferentiated consciousness universal awareness unknowing unknowable force of all creation and existence
without which we would be as the lump of unliving clay before the scent of life was ever known
when this was become from sources unfathomable the idea, the word, the genesis was borne from nothingness
and that which could be made real literally exploded from the nonexistent field of that which cannot be conceived
were that to be this reality, this time and space and metaphorical eternities rainbow, where the arc of being frees its soul from the pastures of untold possibilities
we are that and have never been the other for there is no other created only uncreated unimagined where life is not and nothing even means the absence of unending forgotten meaning wiped from the universal encoding structures before there were patterns or particles or wave structures to live in the field of proto existence and the idea was unthought before the true religion ever conceived upon a quark or bosons field.
last was the measurement of what was made real and before that the expansion to define its measurable quantities and in that movement we became the protractors of being the slide rules of our experiences the memory sticks for meaning.
has this become a sacred play to capture the non conforming into a layer of experiences we label summa theta awareness underlying the sensory impacting alpha existence we all are conceived with
in the heat of the undoing there is the phase shifting uber science of the quasi unbalanced
the experiences of tremendous forces unbidden hidden yet always present
and the requirement that enlightenment be as easy as breathing to be something truly worth investigating is come real for those that can just stop
the world the entire source programming and sit dead silent in every sense of the idea shut down the unceasing whirlwind of measuring and defining that which we experience from the senses that are laid across our unliving nature
is this simple to not do, not think, not react but is letting go any easier than the constant impression of the external force through the breath and the mixing of the external and the internal pushed back out to shift the every energy of the universe we inhabit to create a reality before now unknown in the exact instant we become aware of it
this is the science of releasing
dominions retreat
unliving the dream
surrender to what is and
that which is not

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