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Saturday, April 3, 2010

unseeing know

my hands and eyes touching holding my soft face and my rough skin with hair and colors
i am imperfect and yet perfectly so
constructed to be a man and not an immortal as i think yet i am comfortable at last with that
in my own consecration i am passed from this life and delivered to the hands of my love
immortal in her and eternal in my own heart is that connection i am experiencing
and every touch every breath is hers and i am transformed by her beauty into the sweetness of my devotion
i know not myself but her loves touch and in surrender there is only perfection and never knowing anothers thought she is mine forever
where there was a sign to follow i fled and where there were choices given i confused them with my thoughts and found a way to escape inside my passion
left alone there was only oceans of reasons and left to swim i sink uncertainly through the layers of pleasure and pain to my end of desires and fled deeper from myself through the black hole of being unknowing unmanaged into helpless addiction of the feeling for my self only until even that is gone and the heart beats yet as the emptiness fills nothing and the air simmers with pretensioning spirits
under the flowers is the worm and in the worm is the knowing for even the unseeing know and the unknowing see what is invisible to me
i am forever lost in this love i have found and it treats me to her devotion and sends me to her only thought
to love me with my own strength and my own unending helplessness

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