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Saturday, April 3, 2010

loves communion

we are on two different tracks through this world
inseparable yet never together
my heart beats like a drum
obsessed with love
rhythms of the heart
for your dance that so compels my love
i spend my time undoing what i have done so i can become what i am
and some where i miss you
i see in my life more separations than communions
i hold others at bay
at a distance from my self for i see too clearly my flaws
my weaknesses and want no one to be part of them
for i have the secret and the truth but lack the strength to hold them together in the light of day and pronounce their names
in you i see them alive and at once perfected
obliterating my thoughts and giving me my most cherished longing
in you there is the truth of love and the sacrifice of self
for your beauty has no surface only depth
in me i look too deep and see the bottom
in you i swim endlessly to your hearts oblivion
where there is love you are the spout the vessel the pool unending
where there is hope it is your hands held out to me
and in that moment i feel to cry and surrender for nothing makes me feel as whole and as forgiven as you
bring me to my knees and let me fail one more time to become that which is everything to us and forgive me again for my silly games
in this time it has become my hearts completion to become your love and forever hold our loves communion
when your life is shining through with the presence of her love and it holds me for another life i am truly grateful
for i have found what is the hand of love encircling all i can possess and i am dumbstruck with its unending beauty
you love that which i hold secret and fulfill all that i know
be mine only lover forever and let hearts under pressure explode endlessly with divine consummation
and loves fire burn our souls surrender in the pain we have left behind

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